Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cathedral Window Wedding Gift

Finally finished; I've been planning a Wedding present to give to my oldest friend. I've known him since Primary School and unbelieveably we've kept in touch over the years.

He's getting married on Saturday and my husband is one of the ushers. Hopefully it will be nice weather because they are having a marquee reception. Their colour theme is chocolate brown and gold so I've used those colours to make them a cushion.

It contains lots of silks to make it look sumptuous; I purchased most of the silk from The Silk Route who do a lot of coloured packs, which are perfect for Cathedral Windows.

I had most of it finished early on; then just had to hand stitch all the windows in and the border on. When I came to put the back on my sewing machine decided to go poof!! With two weeks to go - aaahhh! Got it to the repair centre quick and it's all sorted now and finally able to finish the cushion; which I absolutely love (quite like to keep it myself - but I won't).

p.s. The wedding was lovely; a little rain at the beginning and the bride looked absolutely stunning. Seemed to have a little of a 50s theme; the bridesmaids had seamed stockings and lace gloves. Waiting to hear after the honeymoon what they thought of the cushion.

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