Saturday, 22 August 2009

Spinning Around

I've not been knitting as much as I have been recently as I've just been bitten by the spinning bug.

After using a spindle for awhile; my husband decided that he'd buy me my Christmas and Birthday present early and sent me off to get a spinning wheel. The other reasoning behind the wheel is that we thought it might be good for me to spin daily and help the muscles in my legs (though been doing it so much since I bought it walking is a little difficult, lol!!).

We went to the Spinning Fair at Lincoln Uni a couple of weeks ago and had a go on the wheels that Wingham Wool Work had brought along. I'd sort of set my heart on the Ashford Joy but they didn't have one with them so I decided to go to their shop of the Monday and have a test run. My ever loving Mother came along with me; she was very patient all day even though she was probably quite bored- thanks, Mum!!

I ended up buying a Kromski Sonata as it seemed to be the better deal. The £25 fibre voucher was fun to spend. Came home with a huge bag full of fibre. The hour and a half home seemed to last forever but I finally got home so I could have a play.

I've been spinning every day since and really enjoying it though my first attempts were a bit dire though I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it and I've just made some 2ply laceweight merino - it actually looks like yarn should :)!!

Anyway here's a picture of my wheel which I've named Wolfgang (got a penchant for naming things!) because everytime I see Sonata I think Mozart so hence "Wolfgang".