Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cobweb Stole

It's been quite some time since I've blogged; never was very good at keeping a diary...much rather be doing something. Slowly gotten back into knitting again after a period of moving about interest-wise - quilting, embroidery etc.
Just finished my first Christmas present for 2011 - a fine lace weight stole which has been in the pipeline for the last couple of years but never been started. I'd spied this Cobweb Lace Stole some time ago and finally started it using Yarn D'Amour Pandora which I'd bought at a stall in the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate a few years ago - 1200 yards is a lot to wind by hand, so much so that I've ended up buying a ball winder ( which is soooo much fun!) - seem to enjoy it a little too much. Perhaps it is the years of winding balls by hand?
Anyway, the stole is very unusual construction in my mind. For it to be symmetrical, both ends are made separately and grafted together at the end using kitchener stitch; which is fine for sock toes but nearly 160 stitches was a bit tedious.
The pattern was interesting and not the easiest I completed. It was lace pattern both sides and some unusual stitches as well. Wasn't thrilled with the drop stitches in this one but think it was the yarn more than anything; as it was hairy alpaca and wouldn't drop cleanly so the drop stitches are a little more stretched than they should be.
The miracle of blocking has done it's job as usual and the finished product is lovely and airy as cobweb lace should be.
Picked up my Mara again and well on the way with that again too.

Oh and just had to say about this book I'd seen in Waterstones in Lincoln which I thought was hilarious - Knit Your Own Royal Wedding