Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stash destash

I have a very lovely friend who was having a clear out and she has given me lots of cones of yarn. It was very exciting to go through as she has lovely taste and there is lots of cashmere, silk, wool, cotton and even a bit of angora.

Part of the collection is in the photo, it's all cotton of the same weight but different colours. It's quite thin so I thought knitting with it would probably be a bit too much bother. I don't mind crochet but I'm not enamoured on the fabric created with crocheting flat - however, I do like motif crochet - so after many Ravelry searches and swatches later, I decided upon the African Flower Hexagon. Originally I was thinking cushions, which it probably will be but one motif doesn't seem to make much of a dent in the quantity of cotton I have so it might be many cushions or perhaps a blanket really not sure yet. Think I've got a lot of crocheting to do to use this lot up!

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