Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cushion Stuffing Day

Just got back from a fantastic day at A Good Yarn, Cleethorpes. Spent all day helping to stuff cushions for Woolsack. 

Tables all set up ready for the little helpers.

One of my cushions with all the swatches from the pattern booklet. If anyone wants the free patterns for the cushions, they are available here.

All the cushions had to have the labels sewn in, then stuffed with pure wool fibre then sewn up.
Most of the cushions have personal messages from the knitters attached.

These are my contributions.

They're not all here but at last count there were 31 cushions that we did today; with a few more expected this week. Everyone helped; thanks to all that turned up. I was thrilled with all the different cushions and designs. A few of them are my designs but there are lots made with the knitter's own inspiration. I found it really interesting with what everyone came up with.

All the natural coloured cushions are made from Jarol British Aran and the coloured ones are from yarn donated by the National Fibre Company.

Let's just hope that the Olympic competitors like their welcome gifts.


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