Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I've just been flicking through some of my photos and came across some of my hand made quilts that I haven't shared with you before. 
Tumbling blocks

They are all hand pieced; I tend to use the American method now. Using Jinny Beyer's Quiltmaking by Hand as my bible. I find it very quick and only marginally slower than using a machine; with the extra upside of being able to take it with me if I'm out. Saying all that the top quilt was made using traditional English paper piecing; which makes for very accurate piecing but very slow work.

Inner City

The Inner City quilt was for a friend, who is a big traveller and the border fabric is of  old luggage labels. A little gimmicky but seemed to work well. 

Compass points

I forgot to take a photo of the compass one when it was finished. The photo is of the top just before basting.  It was a gift for my Mother-In-Law. I was especially thrilled with the compass points (all the points are there - when machine sewing it's so easy to sew across the tips of the points) and another reason why Jinny Beyer's method is so good.

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