Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Weekend dyeing

I had a wonderful day at the weekend. I spent the entire day in the back garden with my dyeing gear and my burco. The weather was gorgeous and it was really good to be out in the garden which I haven't done much this year.

It's my first go at handpainting yarns and I made a complete and thorough mess even though I had my gloves and apron I seemed to have more dye on me than the yarn did!

I dyed 3 lots of merino sock yarn (or at least I think it is as it wasn't labelled and from a bargain bin on the stall)

The yarn turned out like I wanted but I had a few problems with the fleece. I did something wrong somewhere because the pale greeny one was meant to be bright blue so it either needed an extra wash before hand or I didn't put enough citric acid in.
The purple is wensleydale and silk and turned out as intended though.

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