Wednesday, 24 October 2012

More Yardage

I've spent a few days recently on my spinning wheel. Here are my latest yarn-like creations:

Remember this? It was some of the Wensleydale/Silk roving I dyed recently - blogged here

It's changed into a 2 ply, 15 w.p.i., 157m/100g - sport weight.

I finished the Faux Cashmere I mentioned last week.

It's 18 w.p.i., 268m/100g.

I've finished the mate to the Teal Shetland - so it's all ready for some fair isle mittens.
It's a very pale green, BFL, 161m, 17 w.p.i. Not identical to it's mate but close enough for the mittens.

I've also made a couple of mini skeins. The sparkle will hopefully become a Christmas tree decoration; 

and the other two are the start of a larger lot of yarns for another fair isle project. The original idea was for some Bandelier socks, so the colours I have are similar but think I might use the same pattern and improvise something else. Don't think I really want make a pair of socks I have to handwash at the moment!

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