Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Doddington Hall

I had a lovely Sunday, we went to Doddington Hall - in search of a walk and some inspiration.
I had lots of fun taking photos, it's been ages since I went out specifically to photograph and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. It was an overcast day and I took lots. Here are a few of my favourites.

Doddington Hall

Hellebore - Christmas Rose

I think this is meant to be a Unicorn!

This was my absolute favourite of the day

Barbed wire

We had a little photo shoot while we were there. Though I much prefer being on the other end of the camera.

What a fun guy? (I'm sorry, but couldn't resist)

I love this one with Mr. in the background.

Horse Chestnut

I thought these were a good demonstration of using different focal points - I think I prefer the first one.

The most enormous gnarled Horse Chestnut - there were three in a row and they were all huge.

I'd never been to Doddington Hall before and must say it was lovely. The Hall wasn't open but we were allowed around the gardens. The farm shop and the cafĂ© were stunning - all fresh and local produce - we had a scrummy lunch there. 

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