Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Zentangling ceramics

I promised to show you my finished teaspoon stand from when we went mug painting. It was awhile ago but it had to be refired and then I started a mug with a similar design so thought I'd show you them together.

Here's before firing: 

And after. The colours become really vivid.

Zentangled teaspoon stand

I'm not as pleased with the mug, the shading wasn't dark enough so it doesn't have that 3D effect. If I do it again it will definitely have 3 coats of the grey.

Zentangled mug

Zentangled mug and teaspoon stand

Zentangled mug and teaspoon stand

The mug is a Christmas present for a friend and the handle says "Hot and Dark", which is what he calls bad coffee.

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