Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A shocking amount!

The lovely Nicsknots is doing a great competition called "How much do you have in your project bag?". I thought it was a fab idea for a blog post. Embarrassingly, I think my answer is "A shocking amount!". I don't think I've ever gotten everything out at once and I was stunned on just how much I had.

Recently, I've been using a small Cath Kidston Tote that was a Christmas present. I like it because it has a firm base and sits where it's put. This is the bag I grab when I'm going out, whether it be to Knit and Natter, visiting family, road trip etc.

Cath Kidston project bag

Can you believe all this was in that small bag?

  • There's my Nicsknots Miya bag (which contains a secret project, so I won't show you) and my Nicsknots notions case, which I blogged about here.
  • Micro scales for weighing yarn.
  • Some embroidery threads and snips.
  • A teaspoon! No idea why.
  • Bag of yarn ends. I save these for a friend who knots them together and makes bags from them.
  • Two needle cases. One is all my Knit Pro circulars and the other is a full set of Chiagoo needles.
  • There's my iPad mini, which has all my knitting patterns on it.

  • My next two projects, just in case. Is it just me that lives in fear of finishing my current project and having no knitting with me?
One is a pair of socks for a Christmas present with the pattern for little ducks from Mary Jane Mucklestone's 150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs. I might add a bit of texture too. With a set of Nova Cubics DPNs to try out.

  • The other is handspun yarn and some Easyknits (that I got from A Good Yarn's yarn swap and I believe it was Nicsknots that brought it) for a pair of Narwhal mittens by Ysolda

Also the contents of the notions case was a shocking amout!

  • Calculator
  • Quilter's Guild tape measure
  • Needle case
  • Scissors
  • Plasters. Just so nothing stops me from knitting!
  • Assorted crochet hooks
  • Spare DPN
  • Grid ruler (for swatches)
  • Purple uniball pen
  • Handmade wooden celtic pen (made by Mr)
  • Cotton Thread
  • Waste Yarn
  • Cable needle
  • Handmade passementerie buttons that I made ages ago and for some reason been carrying around with me
  • Knit pro cable key
  • Fripperies and Bibelots stitch markers from Fibre East
  • Needle puller from Cotton Patch
See what I mean, a shocking amount!

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