Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ducks, Socks & Reindeers



And one very cute reindeer!

Perhaps, I should say a little more than that. The ducks are from Mary Jane Mucklestone's 150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs and I'm designing a sock around it. I did Mary Jane's workshop recently and was inspired to try some patterns out.There will be some gansey-like texture in there and at least two rows of ducks. It's been frogged a bit because I keep changing my mind. There's a good chance when you see it next time, they'll look different again.

The socks are made with Regia Design Line by Erika Knight and made for giant feet.  They're plain vanilla socks that I carry around with me, so they don't get as much knitting time in one go. One Christmas present many more to go.

And the reindeer is the start of a King Cole Christmas jumper. When he's finished, he'll have a lovely red pompom for his nose. I need to make two though. The one in the picture is for big brother but I need to make a smaller one for his new sister. 

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  1. i'll still rather jealous of that Mary Jane workshop you took!!! I love her style!! Your socks are going to be sooo cute!