Monday, 23 December 2013

Handmade Christmas: Fabric Decorations

Last year, I showed you all the Christmas Tree decorations. This year, it's the turn of the fabric decorations. There is quite a bit of Christmas bunting around the house but found it difficult to get a good photograph, so you'll have to imagine how pretty it looks!

I did make some shelf bunting for the mantlepiece in the lounge. 

The tree is in a different position this year, which gives us a bit more room but big downside is I can't easily get to the knitting books in the case behind it!

I made a Christmas quilt that comes out a lot earlier than the rest of the decorations (at the start of Advent). It was hand pieced from lots of Christmas fabric scraps and machine quilted with a radiating star.

Christmas quilt

The most recent addition to the tree is a wee cheesy Christmas jumper - decorated with beads, sparkly thread and embroidery. The mini coat hanger was a struggle to make but it had to be done.

Mini Cheesy Christmas Jumper decoration

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. These handmade christmas decoration ideas are wonderful, especially the mini sweater, looks very cute and absolutely fun to make. BTW, thanks for the share :)

  2. Love the jumper! Am thinking of using my scrap fabric for a yours...what size are your squares?
    Thanks :o)

    1. Thank you. Sorry for the delay, I missed your comment. The squares are 3" x