Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Little Ducks

I showed you a work in progress photo of my Little Duck Socks recently. Blogged here

Little Duck Socks in progress

They are now finished with plenty of time for Christmas.

Little Duck Socks

The duck stitch pattern is from Mary Jane Mucklestone's 150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs. I did her workshop a few months ago. This is the first of lots of project ideas from the book.

Close up of Little Ducks

The rest of the sock is my design. I reversed the ducks for each sock (just for added cuteness!).

Mainly the socks were worked on 2.5mm needles - my new Nova Cubics DPNs, which I really enjoying working with. The stranded sections were done on a 3.00mm, so they didn't pinch in at that point. The change in gauge is obvious to me, especially on the toe but it does make them fit better ( I suppose I could have increased stitches instead - maybe next time).

I used a Double Estonian Cast On for the ribbing. I've been using the single Estonian Cast On for most ribbing at the moment, it makes a firm but stretchy cast on - plus it's quite decorative. I made a photo tutorial for the single Estonian Cast On here. I have plans to add an extra tutorial to this for the Double Estonian Cast On.

The other project swiftly on then off the needles again was Tricsi by Asa Tricosa. I used Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK in gold. The pattern is very unusual. It's a top down cardigan. There isn't a seam at all on it, which is good. This does make it a complicated pattern though. However, it is a very detailed pattern with photos to guide you through the unusual construction. I didn't have any problems with it. The only slowing down point was Step 8, which explains all the increases up to where you separate for the sleeves. The instructions are all there but it's explained about 3 different ways including a chart. This is good and bad. The information is all there but you really do need to read through all of step 8 (as suggested) before you continue. 

Tricsi cardigan

I loved not having to pick up the neckband, it's all worked in as you go. There is a little bit of picking up but hardly any that go into double figures, so easy to work in.

I loved the fluted ribbing (it's not a standard rib but very pretty) on the back and on the sleeves.

Reverse of Tricsi cardigan

Sleeve detail on Tricsi cardigan

The cardigan is for a friend who is expecting in January but we've no idea what gender the baby is so I'm hoping this would suit either.

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