Thursday, 20 March 2014

Downton cushion

That fabric, from last week, must have been calling my name, because it didn't sit there long before it was transformed into a cushion.

I felt that the blue one (on the left) didn't want to be cut up too small, otherwise the pattern would be lost. This really did limit my options. In the end I went for a very simple stripe pattern and put the work into the free motion quilting to bring out the shapes.

This was the pre quilted panel, basted and ready to go.
It did take some fussy cutting to try and get those panels to be lined up perfectly (if you don't look too close, they look the same!)

I was inordinately pleased with the zip. It's the first zip that I've been happy with and sadly, what I keep showing people who come to the house. Not look at my new Downton Abbey cushion, but look at this zip!! I found it hard to photograph the zip and I'm sure it's not up to the standards of most sewers; but I was pleased with it.

The free motion quilting took a a few hours. I used the shapes inthe fabric to quilt around. Those dotty circles almost look like flowers now.

I'm very pleased with the finished result. I keep on trying out ideas for the charm pack, but I'm finding the fabric quantity quite limiting. I had an idea to do a hunter's star cushion but to get the fabric to work, the pieces might have to be quite small - perhaps too small. I might fall back on the trusty half square triangles in the end.


  1. Looks like an excellent zip insertion to me.

    1. Thank you, I think excellent is a lovely word for my new zip ;)