Monday, 10 March 2014

Mittens just in time for Spring!

My Narwhal mittens are finished. The pattern is Narwhal Mittens by Ysolda.

The yarn for the outer mitten is my own handspun. Briefly, blogged here

The inner yarn is some leftover Easyknits that seem to match well with the teal colour.

I made some plastic templates to block the mitten around because I didn't want to block the inner and the outer separately. I wanted them to fit snuggly inside on another.

Though the template was a bit slapdash, it did seem to work surprisingly well.

I especially like the little finishing touches on the design. The little fish on the ends of the thumbs is lovely.

I love the mittens. The yarn has worked nicely in colourwork and they are very warm. Just perfect for this lovely spring weather we're having!! Would have been a lot better if I'd finished them a few months ago.

The cherry blossom is out....

and the bees have been getting busy!

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