Thursday, 10 April 2014

Handmade Japanese Needle Roll

I’ve been a dedicated user of circular knitting needles since I first started knitting. I work everything on circulars, including plain straight knitting. Recently, I’ve found myself working on little samples in different size needles and I was being slowed down by changing the tops. So I bought myself some Karbonz Straight Needles to add to the ever growing collection.
As I’ve exclusively worked with circular needles, I found that I didn’t have a home to put these new straights. After some stash diving later, I came up with a combination of fabrics that I liked and worked out how to make a needle roll from them. The outer fabric is a beautiful Japanese style fabric and I’ve lined it with fusible fleece to give it extra body. The lining is a combination of fabrics and I have used iron on interfacing for the lining too. This double layer of interfacing will hopefully give my needles all the protection they need.
The binding and the ribbon is from my the collection of fabric that I recently bought and blogged about here.
I made an extra pocket for DPNs and any other bits I can fit in.
I shaped the flap at the top on the edges so when it rolls up the edges don’t peek out.
I am really quite thrilled with the finished needle roll and hopefully it will match nicely with my new needle bag

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