Monday, 30 June 2014

Just One Ball

I love those quick in between projects that just use one ball.  A Good Yarn, Cleethorpes has in stock, the scrummy new Pure Wool Worsted by Rowan. I’d been eyeing the pattern Entrechat for a while and Pure Wool Worsted was a perfect fit. The recommended yardage meant that I could knit up to the 12-18 month size in just one ball. I ended up using just 73g, so I think I could have easily made the 2-3 year size in only one ball. So quite a bargain for just one ball.



The pattern itself was really simple but a slightly unusual construction. I made it in a day, so a proper weekend knit. Definitely a pattern that I'd consider making again, especially if I was in a rush for a present.

The yarn itself is just lovely. It has a lovely feel to it and the colour that I used, Breton had a heathered tone to it.

Another picture of before blocking -


and after blocking.


It makes a huge difference and the Pure Wool Worsted holds its shape perfectly. Even the ruffles at the bottom stay in position.


  1. wow, this is such a lovely little project, I love the Yarn too, I have been looking for some yarn just like this! May have to purchase on my next visit to A Good Yarn!

    1. It really is wonderful yarn. I wasn't intending on casting on another project but the yarn was that lovely - it just had to be done!