Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FO: Ore

I’ve finished the Ore Cardigan that I briefly mentioned here and here. The pattern is by Sarah Hatton and from Issue 70 of The Knitter. Here’s a review of the magazine with a picture of the original. The yarn I used was Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in colourway, Skipper. My Ravelry Project Page.

It’s a timeless classic piece and quite a simple knit. The beading is lovely and ensures that it hangs well.


I did have an issue though, the sleeves came out way too long. It wasn’t my gauge as I had 29.5 rows instead of the recommended 28, which would have made the sleeve shorter. I really didn’t want to reknit the sleeves, so I took the more drastic option and cut the ends of the sleeves off. I ended up removing over 3 inches above the beading and then grafted the ends back on. I did have to increase a few stitches to make the stitch counts add up. I don’t think you can tell where I did it. Some sweater surgery later and now they fit a lot better.

The style of cardigan did seem to be for longer sleeves than normal but it is helpful, if they don’t come passed the ends of your hands!


The back is just as pretty as the front.


My Plume cardigan is still on the back burner, as I came home with more yarn this week (eek!). It’s a girl’s coat and I have the back done already, so hopefully have something to show you soon.

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