Friday, 29 August 2014

FO: Blueberry

I finished another project recently but didn’t get any decent photographs of it.

It’s a new pattern from Sirdar 4493, which has a cardigan and coat variation. I did the largest size in the coat. I just adore the collar. The yarn I used is Click DK in Blueberry, which is a really unusual deep purple.

I only managed to snap one picture of it. I really love the collar, it’s very sweet. Unusually, there are 3 different needle sizes used in the pattern. One for the stocking stitch, a smaller one for the garter stitch and the edges and a larger size for the band across the middle. The band is a mixture of cable and lace, so it doesn’t want to be at too tight a gauge.


I bought a few balls of yarn recently from A Good Yarn.


A ball of Rico Creative Cotton Print Aran for a crocheted dishcloth and 2 balls of Sublime Baby Cashmere Silk Baby 4ply. I used the DK version to make this cardigan and really loved it. On my visit to Loop in January, I bought Juju’s Loops book and I think I’ll make the Sprinkle baby cardigan with the Sublime.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

FO: Plume

I have finished a few projects recently but been quite lax in photographing them.
I had a little photo shoot with Mr with my plume cardigan. I’ve come to the conclusion, that I’m not a very good model – so you only get to see one photo that came out semi-well.


The yarn is the scrumptious Bergere de France Plume, which is absolute heaven to knit with. The pattern is a free one from Drops, which is done in a yarn that works in the same gauge as Plume with a very similar fibre content too.

I didn’t like the sleeves on the original – the cuffs were quite loose. I rewrote the sleeves so they fitted snuggly around the cuffs. I worked the back, one front and a sleeve first, and sewed it together, so I could check the fit (it was fine!).

I was in a rush to wear it, so stupidly decided to steam block it – word of advice – don’t.
There’s a lot of man made fibre in it and I knew it was a risk, and managed to melt some of the fibres. Thankfully, it’s not a lot and not really noticeable. I wet blocked it instead, which worked a lot better. Though the front bands still want to flip in.

I’ve tried a few different tactics to combat it. Crocheting around the edge made it worse. I ended up picking up along the front and bottom edges of the band and immediately casting off again, which has improved it dramatically but not totally.

After, the photo was taken, I put snap fasteners next to the buttons, so the band doesn’t flip over the buttons and hide them.

Despite some issues, I do still love it and think it’s going to be a fab Christmas/winter cardigan, even though I’m wearing it in the middle of summer.

My photographer for the day was very patient and I took a lovely photo of him, while he was waiting patiently for me.

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