Thursday, 27 November 2014


When these gorgeous new colours of Rico Soft Merino Aran came into A Good Yarn - well I may have got slightly obsessed. It’s not the first time I’ve used this yarn, nor the last. There’s a beautiful array of colours, it’s supersoft, pure merino, good yardage and a decent price too.

I’ve got tons of knitting to do but they were beautiful and squishy and warm and well….

Last week, we had a lot of driving to do (he had a very nice birthday at Alton Towers Water Park) and Mr was happy to drive so over a few days I managed to get this lovely, squishy and colourful shawl finished. Can you tell I like it?


The pattern is the Betsey Shawl by Amy Miller. Here's my Ravelry project page.



It’s a very simple shawl and in my infinite wisdom, I thought I didn’t need stitch markers. Well, turns out I did.


I was fine until I started the stripes and just assumed the double decreases lined up on the middle stitch. They don’t. This meant I had an extra stitch on one edge and one less on the other. Once I realised what I had done (took awhile to figure that out), I just kept it as it was and did one less increase on one side and one less decrease on the other. You can’t tell.


Anyway, 4 days later, I’ve got a lovely shawl for winter. I love how the stripes lie when it’s on. The colours really sing.


I was playing about editing the photos and just love the effect of the one below. It looks like it’s been drawn with coloured pencils.

 Arty shot

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  1. Beautiful, I love the colours you used for this, so bright and cheerful. I also always think I don't need stitch markers, but turns out those things are pretty essential sometimes!