Friday, 9 January 2015

Catch Up #2

Ok, so the second instalment. Hands and feet this time.

The gloves have been on the go for awhile – on and off.

The pattern is Bobbie by Julia Mueller. When I started them, they were a paid for pattern (well worth every penny). I find it very sad that the new EU laws on VAT have forced her to make the decision to stop operating as a business. This means that all her patterns are now free.

The yarn is Toddy by Yarn Yard in a very zingy orange colour. They were a Christmas present for a good friend. Ravelry Project page.



The next ones were another Christmas present for my Mum. The pattern is Rumours by Lee Meredith, which I have to say is a genius pattern. It works for any weight of yarn and it’s all explained very well.

I did have one small issue in that I had only 1 skein of Quince and Co. Chickadee and had to squeeze the mitts into that. The first mitt I made came in a 27g and the skein is only 50g, so it got frogged and I made the hand portion shorter. It worked out perfectly after that. They didn’t take me long to whizz up at all, even though I made 3 mitts in the end. Ravelry Project Page.


I finished my long-time on the needles “travelling” socks. I wasn’t very happy with these. I have small feet but a very high instep. This was the first time I’d used the fish lips heel for myself and it didn’t work well. The socks were way too tight around the instep. There are recommendations in the pattern leaflet on how to work a heel for a high instep, so I ended up cutting out the heel and redoing it, then grafting it back into the sock. This made the instep fit better but the foot was then too long, so I ended up cutting that and removing an inch and a bit and grafting that back together. Frankensocks…

The photo was before all the sock surgery. They look fine now and fit well. Ravelry Project Page.



  1. It is really sad how the new EU VAT rules are affecting so many indie designers. We can only hope that at some point legislation will be changed again!

    Nonetheless those gloves are really amazing, the design is stunning!

    1. Thanks. Couldn't agree with you more. I do hope the law is altered, sooner rather than later.