Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Catch Up #3

This time it’s shawls.

I’ve finished the 3rd Fine Donegal Shawl. I liked knitting with the yarn but 3 shawls meant over 3km of knitting the same thing. I'm glad I can have a bit of variety back in my knitting. I blogged about it last here. Ravelry project page.



The other shawl that I’ve recently finished is one I started last February and didn’t pick up again until December. It’s quite an intensive pattern – lace and twisted stitches on both sides. This make a beautifully intricate texture but not good for talking or watching TV. I think this might be the reason it's not been on the top of my to do list. The pattern is Rendevouz by Lily Go. The yarn was pure heaven - Gretchen Heavy Lace by Posh Yarn.

The only thing that I’d wished I’d done differently was make the next size up so I could have used the yarn up.



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  1. I can imagine how the rendezvous shawl wasn't exactly a tv knit, but the result is oh so stunning! The lace and twists really make it one of those super special structures.